Simple designs yet powerful conversation starters. #AskMe Tees™ are not just casual wear, they are part of the movement to help us get past our differences. 

#AskMe Tees™ were born out of a need to address the dying art of civil discourse.

  • Many people make assumptions about others based on what they see, without even knowing the other person. Race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, etc., are just a few of the things that divide us. However, the reality is we are more alike than different but we will never know if we do not talk.
  • No one is engaging anymore. When we look around everyone has their faces buried in a cell phone or electronic device. Looking people in the eyes when you speak is a thing of the past. It is getting to the point where engaging with others is becoming socially unacceptable. Some are even offended when you call them about something they feel was “textable.” That is a problem.
  • There’s a lot of e-fighting on social media about just about everything, and these battles have not gotten us any closer to understanding and unity. The art of civil discourse has been fully lost.

#AskMe Tees™ are designed to help tackle those issues in a light-hearted and fun way. Each t-shirt topic is meant to be a conversation starter. You pick topics of interest, understanding that your t-shirt is an open invitation to talk...to anyone who asks.

Our goal is for you to engage in meaningful conversations. Now, go out and be great!