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Don't assume. Ask me.

The only t-shirts that come with instructions

Rule #1 Put your phone down! 

The only way to truly have meaningful conversations is to be fully present in the moment. However, you cannot do that if you are scrolling through your phone or distracted. Forget about your phone for a little and just talk.

Rule #2 Have meaningful conversations

Don't bother to wear an #AskMe Tee on a day you are not in the mood to engage with strangers. You never know where the conversation will go but you should definitely be prepared for spirited discussions. Choose #AskMe Tees that speak to your personal interests and lifestyle so that you can educate others.

Rule #3 Don't argue

Be prepared for opinions that differ. That's ok. The goal is not to be right but to exchange perspectives with the hopes of gaining a mutual understanding and respect. 

Rule #4 Report back

After you have worn your #AskMe Tee, feel free to share your experiences with us. Where did you wear your tee and why? How did people react? How did you walk away from the discussions? We want to know all of the juicy details! Post your stories on our social media pages @askmeteeshirts or email us directly at